♦ Linear Stepper with 32 Light Beams.

Check the absence of injected connectors, thus avoiding breakdowns and losses.

System built:
A stepper motor moves a carriage (ball screw and nut), where a 400 mm high light grid, composed by 32 beams, is mounted.
The sensors are from the German manufacturer SICK.

This light curtain, sweeps the mobile mould surface, to detect if a part is still present.
If one ore more beams are broken by a non ejected part, a signal is generated and mould closing is disabled.
A linear encoder is attached to the mould, opposed to the linear stepper.
Signals are processed by a Siemens PLC.

Linear stepper with 32 light beams, rear view of the machine

Rear view of the machine.

4 Sensors x 8 Beams/Sensor = 32 Beams

Ball screw carriage with 32 light beams: 8 beams/sensor x 4 sensors.

♦ Stainless Steel Workpiece Clamping Fixture. Pneumatic and Electrical.
Stainless Steel Workpiece Clamping Fixture